Create Your Own Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is a state of being which affects your physical body. Here are 4 reasons why being grateful has effects on your whole wellbeing: body and soul.

You Sleep Better

study done in 2013 states that if your brain is flooded with gratitude, you can fall asleep more easily because of better limbic system function (This system also supports emotions and motivation in the brain).

It shoots reward chemicals into your brain.

The same reward chemicals that support creating relationships with others!

It can improve your metabolism and your resilience to stressful events.


Sustainable happiness.

Instant gratification may come in the form of food, coffee, or acting a certain way for immediate results… We want happiness right away! We don’t need to supplement happiness- it comes naturally when we are grateful because we are celebrating what we do have.


Here’s how to create a super simple Gratitude Journal of Your Own!

  1. Choose a journal that makes you happy.It’s probably going to pop out at you right away! Choose the first one that catches your eye and makes you smile. A lined or bullet journal is helpful but not necessary.
  2. Fill in the dates of an entire month, leaving 3-5 spaces in between each.Do this at the end of each month so that the following day; the first of the month, you’re ready to go!
  3. Add 3-5 bullet points underneath each date. 

    These will act as your guide to fill in your daily gratitudes.If, on a certain day, it’s hard to think of that number, remember that you can choose to be grateful for anything in your life; even challenges. What did you learn that is new from these challenges? Those life lessons are invaluable – even hardships can be sources of gratitude!

    It can also be something as simple as a nice meal, something which made you smile, words which were spoken to you that made you feel happy, or the soft bed you’re crawling into at night.

    How To Make Gratitude A Habit

    How to Make Gratitude A Habit

    1. Schedule it in. Decide whether you’re going to begin or end your day with gratitude so that it can easily be integrated into your schedule rather than being something that floats around which is hopefully remembered.

    2. Create a mini calendar and check off each day of gratitude.

    3. Leave the journal and a pen by your bed.

    4. Begin practicing throughout the day. Gratitude is a mindset and does not need to be limited to your journal! Notice the little things and keep a “Notes” folder in your phone for your gratitudes of the day. Or, simply smile and mentally acknowledge the good in your life. There are no ordinary moments – everything is extraordinary!


My wish is that this practice brings you not only better sleep and less stress, but happiness in each moment. A gratitude journal is the perfect way to begin to recognize the miracles in your life.


Keep rocking on and BE HAPPY 🙂



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