A Month of Mindfulness

It may be a week into July, but any day is the perfect day to start fresh!

In any moment, we have the ability to choose peace and happiness by living in the now, focusing not on the past with regret, or on the future with anxiety. Simply being; Right here, right now.

As a supplement to mindful exercise, these daily challenges are great steps to get to a peaceful, happy state of mind!

Day 1: Eat with the opposite hand.

Day 2: Begin your day with a body scan.
Close your eyes and feel the sensations from the top of your head all the way to your toes and back up again.

Day 3: When you shower today, try to recognize how the water feels on your skin.

Day 4: Visualize a situation you are presently in going exactly as you’d like it to.

Day 5: Dance for no reason today.
It could be breakdancing, ballroom dancing, or freestyle… You do you!

Day 6: In this moment, think of three individual things that you can hear around you.

Day 7: Make yourself a cup of “mindful tea” (or coffee!)
Enjoy it with no distractions. Catch yourself if your mind wanders from the taste and your presence in the moment!

Day 8: Exercise without your phone today!
Allow yourself to get in the flow.

Day 9: Set a timer for 3 minutes, close your eyes, and focus on nothing but:
Breathe in for a slow count of 4
– Breathe out for a slow count of 8
Catch yourself if you become distracted and imagine waves going in and out with your breath.

Day 10: Notice your posture today.
Are you slouching or sitting with your legs crossed, causing imbalance in the hips? Sit up straight.

Day 11: Foam roll/lacrosse ball roll out your muscles.
Visualize the muscles lengthening and letting go.

Day 12: Set the lock screen on your phone to a photo of a place where you are happy and in the present moment.
Use this as a reminder to return to mindfulness! This is my current background from Port Rexton, Newfoundland 🙂


Day 13: Download a mindfulness app.

Day 14: Make eye contact with people today.
Smile and really listen when you’re having a conversation!

Day 15: Set a daily intention.
This intention should be a core value which you’d like to act with today. Confidence, kindness, love? It’s up to you… personalize your intentional actions and make them yours!

Day 16: Listen to your favourite song.
Ask yourself WHY it’s your favourite. What does it make you feel like?

Day 17: Notice how often you say “I” today.

Day 18: If something bothers you on social media, ask yourself, “WHY does this not align with my beliefs?” rather than judging.

Day 19: Use a nice gel pen and paper to doodle for a timed 3-10 minutes.

Untitled Design 2.png

Day 20: Brush your teeth with the opposite hand.

Day 21: Stretch between exercises at the gym today.

Day 22: Notice one new thing about your commute path today.
It could be a sign, a tree, or a piece of art! View your familiar drive for the first time.

Day 23: While speaking with a friend today, recognize how grateful you are for them in the present moment.
And tell them!

Day 24: Notice the transfer of the weight from heel to ball of your food as you walk.

Day 25: Are you clenching any muscles in your body right now? Notice yourself doing this today and let it go!

Day 26: Give a meaningful handshake or hug with your full attention so that they know that they matter 🙂

Day 27: Notice how good it feels to take your shoes off after the gym.

Day 28: Take a “Tech Timeout”
3 hours. Set a timer and watch how much you can get done!

Day 29: Think about where each ingredient of your meal come from.

Day 30: Try to move each toe… individually!

Day 31: As you fall asleep, re-live your favourite moment of the day.


2 thoughts on “A Month of Mindfulness

  1. This is so cool!! Mindfulness and presence is a super important practice. I do meditate by playing nature sounds while sitting cross-legged, breathing and staying as present as possible, which is challenging. But this just shows that mindfulness can be achieved in so many different ways. Since these steps are so simple, I think I might try this. Thanks Mik!


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