7 Unique Morning Routine Ideas


Imagine that you have 2 options every morning:


Wake up, nourish your body while sitting outside enjoying the birds chirp, write down your intentions for the day, get a little sweat in, rinse off and get ready for the day while listening to some feel great music.


Wake up giving yourself juuuust enough time to get ready for the day, fly around the house dressing yourself and tripping as you put on your parts whilst simultaneously brushing your teeth, scarf down maybe a piece of toast, and then running out of the door, forgetting something crucial…. like deodorant.

Yes. The second option is extreme. But truly, doesn’t option 1 sound like a wonderful investment on yourself and the quality of vibes which you output throughout the day?

Maybe an intense sweat session is not your motivator to leap out of bed… And that’s okay!

Your morning should begin with something that you genuinely love and are excited to wake up for. Setting your alarm half an hour to an hour early is all the time you need.

Find what makes YOU look forward to beginning your day!! Maybe it’s…

  • Walking to a cafe to get coffee (I always do this at the cottage and walk back down the beach)
  • Making yourself a steamy tea and reading outside with a blanket
  • Making a Pinterest board of tons of new breakfast recipes to try (like these!)
  • Journal with fun pens (See these prompts for ideas!)
  • Yoga with a diffuser using peppermint for energy or lavender for relaxation.
  • Listening to a TED Talk and learning something new
  • Doing something creative (painting /drawing/playing music)Right after I wrote the last exam of my undergrad, I drove straight to the craft store, picked up a canvas, and got to painting – something I used to LOVE! I doodled mountains in all of my notes, so this was the outcome!

Whatever it is, wake up half an hour earlier and write it in your schedule like it’s your job! Our days should always begin with something to make us happy.

I hear often that people feel guilty to invest time in themselves. But how can you possibly make clear-minded, vibe-raising decisions in your day if you haven’t invested the time in creating a state of body and mind able to do so?


This is my routine! It has changed over time, and will continue to change, I’m certain! Don’t be afraid to adapt your schedule to suit the ever growing version of you!

  • lemon water and vitamins
  • brew a fresh pot of coffee
  • cook oats while listening to an audiobook, podcast, or Spotify
  • sit outside to eat, no distractions
  • write gratitude/new learnings
  • brush my teeth and get to the gym!

    Stay well and invest that time in yourself… you deserve it!Mikaila 🙂


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