If you follow my Instagram, you might have seen my endless stories about “Goal Setting Sundays” and the importance which I place on outlining my intentions for the year, month, and week.

Writing dreams down translates them into tangible goals and can be broken down into micro goals. Anything you write down is possible with patience, commitment, and trust!

I also need to emphasize how vital it is to not be attached to a single outcome. This is a very limiting mindset, for how could our little human brains possibly be able to predict the wondrous opportunities waiting for us in our lives? Don’t be afraid to seize them.

So, instead of keeping a vice grip on a specific outcome, I encourage you to focus on how you are feeling. If an outcome which you once desired no longer aligns with THE PERSON you want to be, THIS is your permission to let it go and grow into grander things! Please do not try to fit yourself into a box which you have grown out of.

Sometimes, humans have the tendency to blame others or a situation for their reality of said “small box”.

NOPE! Don’t do it!

You are 100% responsible for your reality. Will you choose to blame external factors when things don’t go according to plan? Or, will you view the situation as an outstanding assignment to persevere, grow, and paint a reality that you are excited to call your own?

Four years ago, when I received my most recent concussion from an intoxicated stranger’s elbow in a crowd, I could not fathom why this had happened to me. I was frustrated; I remember thinking for the first few months as I gave up alcohol, texting, school, sports, and social life, that “this man had ruined my life.”

And you know what?

The blame game? EXHAUSTING.
Mentally fatiguing and draining of the soul.

The idea of shifting from blame to responsibility for your reaction is relevant in every day. An unfulfilled employee may blame a boss for their lack of happiness, for example.

No one controls your happiness except for you!

YOU can choose to build a positive relationship with that boss, or look at him/her with a view that they too are simply a human trying to belong.

Because in the end, don’t you think, that given the circumstances and experiences each person on this earth has had, that we all live every day trying the best that we know how to be good?

Overall, our ultimate purpose as humans is to be happy, kind, and be able to laugh at ourselves with the certainty and trust that everything happens for a reason.

My life would be very, very different had I not sustained the concussion. I went to Cleveland with my dance group this weekend, where I had last been in 2014, a month before the concussion. I actually found it to be quite a reflective time.

Before the concussion, I was an extreme people pleaser. I had tried exceptionally hard to be liked in high school, possessed very little self confidence from being dubbed as “awkward”, and would not stand up to or remove myself from low vibe situations or conversations. Going with the flow, laughing at things that truly weren’t funny, and engaging in things which I did not enjoy with the goal of making connections were normal in that life which seems so long ago. While I had an identity as a member of different teams and social groups, underneath, I did not have much of a personal identity at all.

And through the concussion, I learned to be impeccable with my word, setting boundaries and confronting the soul I have, completely removed from stimulations of external life. No social life, no social media, no work or school to keep me busy. Just me.

Sometimes, obstacles are detours in the right direction. While for years, I could not see why I was injured, I have never been more grateful for anything in my life.


Please, no matter what you’re going through, please trust with all of your being that this is an assignment for you to find happiness.

So show up for that assignment! Welcome it with open arms.

Do your very best, and trust that your very best will create something spectacular.


And now, the goal templates!!

Downloadable pdf can be found at the bottom 🙂

Complete the following templates in this order to find fulfilment and success in each of your endeavours!

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 6.11.32 PM

  • The Personal Vision Statement is a commitment and daily reminder of your image of the highest version of yourself. Ultimately, it is how you want to live! To write this statement, you may consider qualities in others which you truly admire. It may also include areas of life to which you want to bring a lot of energy; things which challenge you to push outside of your comfort zone.

As an example, according to, Oprah’s personal mission statement is: “To be a teacher. And to be known for inspiring my students to be more than they thought they could be.”

  • State how you want to feel. Checking goals of a box just to say, “I accomplished that” is not a fulfilling life to live. Enjoying each and every moment is important, and your goals should be ones which bring you the feelings which you desire to experience every day. These could range anywhere! From happiness to confidence, it’s up to you. How do you want to feel?
  • Now, state what you learned last year from failure, victory, and hard work. Then consider what you would like to have learned by December 31st at the end of this year. It does not need to be an explicit fact, book, or course. Life lessons are important here as well!
  • Then, based on your personal mission statement, how you want to feel, and what you want to learn, create your goals for the year. What do you want to experience and accomplish? It can be inclusive of but not limited to a specific goal, such as “graduate University”. Goals of how you want to live each day to bring your personal mission statement to life should be written here.
  • Finally, sign and make your dream life into goals which you CAN bring into your reality!!

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 6.11.24 PM

  • Restate your vision statement. Being confident in this will be your guide for manifesting the life you desire when it comes to daily decisions.
  • For fun and simplicity, choose different colours for the various categories in your life and colour in the boxes with highlighter. Highlight your monthly and weekly goals. For example, my categories include career, fun, self care, and culture. Fitness and nutrition would fall under self care 🙂
  • Clarify upcoming dates so that you can schedule and plan goals in the weekly planner effectively.
  • Taking into account your yearly goals, determine and write down what you’d like to experience and accomplish this month.
  • Commit to a monthly challenge. It takes 30 days to build a habit… or break one! This can be quite significant. Ideas to try every day include daily yoga, drinking x amount of water, sending one random kind text or trying a new recipe. The options are limitless!

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 6.11.08 PM

  • Affirm your personal vision statement. If it changes a bit throughout the year, that is okay! (Remember, this statement is articulating the life you want to live. Don’t squeeze yourself into that box we spoke about earlier! Life changes, and sometimes, we need to bend with it and give it our best rather than resist. Trust that it’s an assignment for you to approach with an open mind.)
  • Review your monthly goals and translate them into daily action. If you have too many
  • Write down the habits which you’d like to put into action this week. One of them may be your monthly challenge; the others may already hold a place in your life which need to be visualized to make real. Feelings which you’d like to experience might be useful to include here, as you can decide on activities which my bring you opportunities to live them. As an example, my habits currently include:
    • gratitude
    • writing or meditation
    • gym time or physical activity
    • 7 hours of sleep
    • no more than 2 cups of coffee per day :)Gratitude might bring the feeling of happiness.Writing or meditation may provide a sense of confidence that there is a valid reason for everything that happens.Going to the gym might highlight the feeling of being physically and mentally capable.

      Sleep is just a feel-good all around.

      Check these off daily!


Here is the downloadable pdf link to the templates. I designed them from the method which has truly changed my life, and it is my hope that you too find that they allow you to tap into the abundance of excellence which you hold!

Sending you the most positive vibes imaginable,

Mikaila 🙂

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