Flourless, Egg Free Chocolate Chunk Cookies

THE WEEKEND IS HERE, the sun is shining, and I am so excited to be back. If you follow my Instagram, you know I’ve been eating and hiking through Spain; the entire time taking inventory of the eats!

Something which I loved: COOKIES AND PASTRIES EVERYWHERE. Windows filled with fresh baking lined the streets and the smell of dough wafted through the air. You know the sugary dough smell?? Yep. It’s arguably one of THE BEST smells.

Upon arriving home and being jet lagged as heck, I woke up early one morning craving the infamous pastry-in-the-oven smell. Also eager to eat less sugar and get back into routine after enjoying a number of desserts after 2 weeks, I created a chocolate chunk cookie with 3g Carbs per serving.

These took 3 minutes to throw together, and the only dishes to do thereafter were a small bowl and a fork to combine. THAT’S IT! Cookies and fresh baking in a flash!

Nutritional Information

(Makes 8 Cookies; For one:)

109 Calories
10g Fat
3g Carbs
2g Protein


  • 4oz low fat cream cheese (or full fat if you’d prefer! Either will work in this recipe)
  • 2 tbsp sifted coconut flour
  • 3 tsp coconut sugar
  • 3 tbsp melted coconut oil
  • vanilla extract and salt



1. Whip together cream cheese, coconut sugar, vanilla extract, and salt. Then slowly whisk in the coconut flour. The dough should be thick.

2. Finally, pour in the melted coconut oil and combine.

3. Roll into balls, cover in dark chocolate chunks (I cut a @preschoice 70% cocoa bar), and flatten with your palm.

(Alternatively, you could store them in the fridge at this point, allow to harden slightly, and eat them raw!)


4. Bake at 350 for 15-18 minutes and allow to cool before getting your Cookie Monster on!

Store in the fridge for up to 3 days after baking.


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