What I Ate In A Day in Spain


Barcelona knows what’s up with food! On the vacation, I didn’t track food consumption- I simply listened to my body! Not a foot was placed in a gym (which was mentally more challenging than physically- the gym is such a great way to get into a fantastic mood for the day!), but my feet did take tens of thousands of steps every day… walking EVERYWHERE!


  • 1 packet oats mixed with 1 scoop whey powder
  • 1 jar raspberry jam
  • This plate x 2: Small slice rye bread, sliced tomato, salami, and smoked salmon
  • Black coffee


LUNCH: 2:00 pm

  • Mixed Salad with no dressing (I put about 1 tbsp olive oil on it!)
  • Spring Chicken filled with herbs and citrus (THIS was absolutely unreal. CITRUS AND ROSEMARY. Who knew??)

IMG_4345 2

SNACK: 4:00 pm

  • 1 scoop of cookies and cream gelato with a mini homemade waffle



DINNER: 8:00pm

Tapas! These dishes were shared 🙂

  • Baguette with thinly sliced prosciutto, parmesan, arugula, and balsamic drizzle
  •  Potatoes Bravas (similar to a homestyle hashbrown)
  • Tuna tataki with a wasabi mayo sauce
  • Salmon teriyaki
  • Pork dumplings
  • Mini sliders

…AND! My first espresso!! My gosh where has espresso been all my life?!


SNACK: 10:30pm

  • 2 mini packets of Haribo gummy bears!


To finish the day, I ate a Quest protein bar before bed at 12:30am!

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