8 Super Simple Ways To Stay Fit While Travelling

Fitness and great nutrition are meant to improve the quality of your life! Don’t let it hinder an incredible experience… instead, seamlessly integrate these simple ways to stay fit while travelling while keeping the emphasis on the experience itself.

1. Go Grocery Shopping and Find Fun, Fresh, Local Foods.


  • Find your basics! Some of my favourites are instant oatmeal, rice cakes, and grilled chicken breast strips. Go for fresh chopped veggies A lot of hotels have microwaves, so
  • Find some fun foods you don’t have at home! One of the best parts about travelling is tasting what others around the world call their basics!

2. Go For a Simple Breakfast.


  • I love ordering hard boiled eggs (no excess oil used in cooking), tomato slices, and a mug of hot water to mix with a packet of plain oatmeal
  • Another great option on the go is a scoop of whey mixed with prepped instant oatmeal. Most hotel rooms have mugs and a kettle, so this is an easy way to get a clean breakfast in. In the case of no mugs in the hotel room, it’s helpful to pack a Tupperware!

3. Order Sparkling Water with Lime Instead of a Sugary Soda.


  • And black coffee. Often times, local black coffee has a distinct flavour worth tasting on its own!

4. Pack Exercise Bands.

  • You can get a GREAT workout in using only bands and bodyweight. In a coming post, I’ll highlight body composition tests before and after a 10 day period using only bodyweight and bands while travelling!

5. Make Use of Your Terrain!IMG_0583

  • Hill Sprints
  • Hiking
  • Jogging

Grab a pair of sturdy shoes and go explore! From HIIT to jogging, terrain that’s different than what you’re used to will keep your training fresh, and might even help you break through a plateau by challenging muscles you may not often use!




If you want to maintain your pre-vacation weight while travelling, the amount of calories expended through our physical activity (throughout an entire day) must be equal to or more than calories consumed.

So, for maintenance:

Calories Used by body= Calories Consumed

For weight loss:

Calories used by body > Calories Consumed

For weight gain:

Calories used by body < Calories Consumed

By being active throughout the day and exploring the sights by foot, we increase calories which our body burns, meaning that to maintain weight, more calories can be consumed.

7. Enjoy your meals out and when in doubt, order something that you would at home.


  • Chances are it will have its own local flare!


  • That’s what life is about. Experiencing it all and feeling good doing it 🙂


No matter where you’re travelling this summer, make it one to remember by taking amazing care of yourself!

Mikaila 🙂



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