Flourless Coconut Lemon Donuts for Spring

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday is probably my favourite day of the week.



Yep, I have watched that show religiously since I was seven years old, and still have full belief that they will one day accept Canadians as tribe members. It’s happening.


It’s the challenges, the social aspect, and probably a sprinkle of tropical island beauty that makes Survivor so appealing. My hometown is currently in an apparent ice age, so a tropical island sounds FANTASTIC.

I’m counting on Spring being around the corner- maybe some donuts with flavours which say “spring” will do the trick??


I wrote a post for Brew Your Bucha, (Derek was a guest contributor last week!), for my favourite flourless donut recipe! Perfect for mother’s day or simply sandwiched with coconut milk ice cream, these donuts are a light 114 calories each, and taste like the essence of spring! Lemon and coconut flavours shine in this flourless, digestion-friendly recipe.


For fun, I love to compare the nutritional information of
commercial versions with the homemade version:

Tim Horton’s Toasted Coconut Donut
290 Calories
13 g Fat
40 g Carbs (22 g sugar)
4 g Protein

Homemade Coconut Lemon Donut ​(makes 9)
114 Calories
4.3 g Fat
14.7 g Carbs (11.3 g sugar)
4.5 g Protein

Here’s the link to the full recipe!

fullsizeoutput_1c6Keep rocking on and let’s keep our fingers crossed for Springtime 🙂





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