Guest Post: Brew Your Own Kombucha

Good morning, my friends!!

First, I need to apologize for my absence. It’s exam week, and something which I’ve really been tapping into is being in the present moment and slowing down my mind for clarity and a general calmness.

It’s hard to be in the present moment naturally… in a state of flow. Often, when we’re relaxing, our minds continue to race. It might even feel as though we aren’t resting at all!

Contributors to this state are external stimuli; currents pulling us and our voyaging boats all over the place on our journey. Researchers say that we spend 2.5 HOURS (!!!) per day gaining mental clarity on what we’re doing.

Finding a mode of meditation -that channel of focus – is something which we need to hone in on in order to KNOW our true north.

A few of mine include going to the gym, doing yoga, dancing, boating with my hand over the side feeling the water spray, staring into a bonfire, and getting into the kitchen!


Today’s guest is an EXPERT on getting into the kitchen, and has some seriously cool insights on learning the art of Kombucha brewing… A drink which definitely holds a place in my lifestyle.

So, without further adieu, Take it away, Derek!


4 Benefits of Home Brewing Kombucha

If you are a health and fitness nut, chances are that you have heard about kombucha at least once or twice.  Chances are even greater that you have seen or even tried a bottle or two from any of your local grocery stores.

Advocates will boast the health benefits of this tangy, effervescent drink which has been nicknamed “the elixir of immortality.”

While many benefits are stated, the most notable ones are derived from the nature of kombucha’s probiotic properties.  From which, many people enjoy improved digestive health, increased energy, improved mood, boosted immunity and weight loss.

However, these benefits do not surface until kombucha is consumed consistently.  Follow along for 4 benefits of why you should start home brewing kombucha.

1. Allows you to drink kombucha consistently – People who have felt the full effects of kombucha typically drink a small amount daily instead of large amounts from time to time.  Home brewing kombucha allows you to have large growlers of kombucha at all times. See here for more on using kombucha consistently for weight loss.

2. Control what you are consuming – Some commercial brewers are required to put additives in their kombucha to improve the shelf life and meet certain food safety requirements.  In addition, when bottles of kombucha are stored they may sit around longer than intended which can over time can over ferment to produce inconsistent results.  When you brew your own kombucha you can control what goes in to your body and can drink kombucha when it is most fresh.

3. Save money! – Buying a bottle of kombucha in stores can cost you $4-$5 on average.  That is a hefty price to pay if you plan to drink it often. After buying all the necessary equipment and live culture to home brew, the same bottle of kombucha can cost as little as $0.25 depending on how you flavour it.

4. Customization – We all have our preferences for taste and home brewing kombucha gives you full control.  Being your own brew master allows you to tweak your recipe to your liking. Prefer less sugar? You can bring your kombucha down to 0 grams per bottle.  Want to reduce the level of caffeine or alcohol in the brew? We have some articles in our blog to show you how to do so. Have a crazy idea for flavoring? Go ahead and give it your best shot!  


Thinking of giving home brewing a shot? Visit our Learn and Blog page to see how simple the process really is.  If you have a friend with a live culture (called a SCOBY), and can accumulate all the necessary brewing equipment, you can give it a shot!  If these items are not so easy to obtain, our Brew Your Bucha Shop has many options for Kombucha Starter Kits.

Brew on!

Derek from Brew Your Bucha


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