Both Chocolate and Micronutrients… in one Bite??

My thoughts on superfood powder?? YES YES YES!

I’m a huge fan of superfood powders, especially while travelling and consuming far fewer veggies than usual.


ALSO guys! My Spain trip is a month away! I always love vacations and take the time to be present, journal, and taste all the cuisine that the country has to offer! When travelling though, or even on a typical busy day, it can be challenging to incorporate greens. This is when superfood powders come into play!

Just make sure to completely screw on the shaker bottle lid if you’re mixing it with water, or you’ll go through my experience of an explosion of green all over the white bedding where I was staying..

I then spent 2 hours trying to scrub the chlorophyll out of my best friend from Germany’s sheets. Hahah FAIL.

Claudia, if you are reading this, I am still so sorry!! (For the record, we are now sisterly close and the sheets have been saved 🙂 )

I follow a flexible dieting approach, where macros (protein carb, and fat intake) are the focus, but it is beyond important for your body to receive the micronutrients it needs for optimal function as well! Team macros AND micros! 🙂

Now I know you’re wondering…Can you taste the superfoods in these lil chocolatey morsels?? Actually, not at all- I forced these upon my mom to second my taste test and she couldn’t tell at all! Success!

In fact, she snapped up a few more once I mentioned they were loaded with pre & probiotics (essentially aid in the moving of food through your digestive system) and lots of sources of fruits and vegetables.



NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION for one bite (makes 15)
29 Calories
2g Fat
2.5g Carbs
0.5g Protein

🌿3 tbsp (45 g) sugar free chocolate chips
🌿1 tbsp (15 g)coconut oil
🌿1 scoop superfood powder ( I used Musclepharm)
🌿sweetener of choice (I used a few drops of vanilla stevia)
🌿15 raspberries
🌿2 tbsp (30 g) whipped cream cheese

1) Melt the chocolate chips and remove from heat.
2) Stir in the coconut oil and sweetener, followed by the superfood powder.
3) Spoon 15 individual heaping teaspoons onto a pan lined in parchment.
4) Pipe whipped cream cheese into each raspberry (I used a ziplock bag with the end cut off and a shaped icing tip, but the bag alone is perfect!)
5) Place a raspberry onto each chocolate bite and refrigerate until chocolate has hardened.
6) Store in the fridge for up to 3 days or in the freezer.


These are super tasty frozen when you’re craving something to snack on!

Spring is almost here! Keep rocking on my friends,

Mikaila 🙂



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