Valentine’s day is coming up, and these make the perfect gift or treat to bring into class or the office! Or, these are also fun to enjoy alone while watching Netflix; which may have been the case under which I personally consumed these! Valentines Day is about love, and loving/treating yourself to a feel-good, healthy dessert is 100% awesome too 🙂

No added sugars or palm oil (found in commercial peanut butter cups) were used in the making of these little guys! The main ingredients are whey powder, coconut oil, powdered peanut butter, and baking cocoa- And it tastes so rich, you’d never know they actually held nutritional value!

WARNING: It is dangerously easy to consume half the batch in one sitting *cough-me-cough* BUT they’ve got a solid macro profile and only contain 3.5g of sugar per cup. I GOT CHU 🤗


Nutritional Information: (each; makes 8 mini cups)
107 Calories
5g Fat
7g Carbs
7g Protein



🍪For the base:
• 2 tbsp (30g) chocolate chips, melted

🍪For the peanut butter cookie layer:
• 35 g Cookies and Cream Whey Powder (Could also use vanilla)
• 1 tbsp (15 g) powdered peanut butter
• 1 tbsp (15 g) melted coconut oil
• splash unsweetened cashew milk

🍪For the fudgey cookie layer (Which tastes like the middle of a DQ cake 😍😭😭):
• 35 g Cookies and Cream Whey Powder (Could also use vanilla)
• 1 tbsp (7g) baking cocoa
• 1 tbsp (15g) melted coconut oil
• splash unsweetened cashew milk
• pinch salt

🍪To top:
• 8 mini oreos


1) Using a spoon, line the inside of 8 mini muffin cups with melted chocolate. Freeze for 10 minutes.
2) Meanwhile, make the peanut butter cookie layer by combining all ingredients. Distribute evenly amongst the 8 chocolate cups and freeze for 10 minutes.
3) While they freeze, make the fudgy cookie layer by mixing all ingredients thoroughly. It should form a thick, doughy ball.
4) Distribute among set cups. Press 1 chopped Oreo into each cup. Place in the freezer for another 10 minutes or until completely set.

These can stay in the fridge in a sealed Tupperware for up to 5 days!

Love yourselves always and keep rocking on!

Mikaila 🙂


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