There was a snowstorm today.
Natural reaction: Tim Horton’s Donut!
Flavour: Canadian Maple (I used to get one after my skating competitions as a kid- FAVE)


I loooove health-ify-ing foods. My sanity literally comes from fiddling around in the kitchen making foods that taste good and make my body feel ready to take on the day.

I love eating micronutrient dense foods, and about 90% of my diet comes from these sources, and I have personally seen more progress since incorporating 10% treats (Reese puffs!!) in comparison to when I was eating 100% clean.


Mental positioning. Do you look at broccoli and shudder? NOT MORE BROCCOLI! (Jk roasted broccoli is life)

There are tons of studies done on virtues (nutrient dense, “healthy” foods) being perceived as LESS TASTY and LESS DESIRABLE than vices (foods seen as “unhealthy”; with less nutrient density). What does that mean for someone wanting to prioritize healthy foods?

For long term sustainability, fitness and healthy foods should be positioned in your mind as FUN, something good you’re doing for yourself, and as adding value that radiates to all of your life’s endeavours.

How are you going to position health and fitness as positive if you’re feeling deprived and associating these nutrient dense foods (that are doing amazing things for your body) with these feelings of deprivation and negativity?

THE TAKEAWAY: Enjoy life and all if has to offer, guys. Sustainability is KEY.

Mikaila 🙂

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