Journalling Prompts for Your Personal Vision Statement

Sundays are the day of the week where the majority of people do meal prep. Meal prep is a way to set yourself up for success in the coming week! I think preparing yourself for the week ahead is a fantastic idea. But preparing meals doesn’t need to be the only time of prep done on Sundays. I present to you…

Mind prep.

Preparing yourself mentally for how you’re going to approach the week is just as important. Whether that be planning out your schedule or setting goals, having an action plan for the coming week is important if you want to make the most of it.

I want to dive a little deeper than setting goals today. Whether they’re big or small goals, I want to think about who we have to be to accomplish them. Let’s set our intentions. Our intentions for who we are going to be this week guide us to ensure that anything we schedule, and everything we attempt, we do with this vision of our Best Self in mind.

Snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and a mug of tea, grab a pen and notebook, and let’s get started!

What do you desire to be more than anything else? Strong? Physically healthy? Confident in all aspects of life? Kind?

Think for a minute. Actually think about who, in an ideal world, you would be. Make it as specific as possible. You can write notes about desired personality traits, skills, your career, fitness, nutrition, etc. Envision this person.

Now, think about the person who you’d have to be to make this reality.
Jot down a few points for each:

1) What would this person do first thing in the morning?
2) What books would this person read?
3) Who would this person spend time with?
4) How would this person dress?
5) How would this person fuel their body?
6) How would this person spend their free time?
7) How would this person see themselves in the mirror?
8) What is this person’s mission when they wake up in the morning?

How can you consciously manifest these actions in your activities this week?

Is there anything stopping you from being in this person? Are there any barriers?

If so, why do these barriers exist? Be honest: Are they barriers that only exist in your mind?

Finally, write down your vision for yourself this week in a place where you can remind yourself of it every morning. I like to write it along the top of my weekly calendar so that I can ensure that every action aligns with the person I’d like to be.

I hope your Sundays are warm and filled with family, friends, and some mind prep!

Mikaila 🙂


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