The Ultimate Boston Cream Donut Protein Waffle Stack

In grade 12, I was in an off campus gym class. I’m talking curling, squash, archery… Channeling the inner Legolas.

Anywho, my best friend Claire and I would drive back to school together, more often than not, listening to Busta Rhymes and stopping in at Tim Horton’s for that post-workout snack.

Tim Horton’s is a Canadian donut and coffee shop, and there’s one on every street corner. The best Tim Horton’s donut flavour is often a point of debate, but hands down, in my opinion, A Boston Cream takes the cake. It’s a vanilla yeast donut, filled with vanilla pudding and dipped in chocolate. Classic flavours, but WHOA. So. Tasty. High School me was obsessed.

The fitness meets foodie goal? To take these flavours and transform them into something which could hold a more nutrient dense place in a diet geared towards feeling fantastic. Here’s a protein-packed rendition of the beautiful Boston Cream!

Nutritional Information for the entire stack including toppings:
348 Calories
10g Fat
15g Carbs
42g Protein

15g Carbs?? That’s less than half of what’s contained in a Boston Cream Donut, coming from whole sources such as plain Greek Yogurt.

• 35g (1 scoop) Vanilla Whey Powder
• 1 egg
• 1 tsp baking powder
• pinch salt
• A splash unsweetened cashew milk or water
• 75 g (~2/3 cup) 0% plain Greek yogurt
• 1 tbsp (7g) cocoa powder
• 15 g (4 tbsp) coconut whipped cream
• stevia or Splenda to taste
• optional chocolate sprinkles
1) Heat a waffle maker (I used a mini one) and coat with non stick spray.
2) In a small bowl, mix whey powder, baking powder, salt, and just enough water or cashew milk to create a paste.
3) Add 1 egg and whisk.
4) Pour the batter into the waffle maker. My mini one (standard commercial toaster waffle size) made 3, but a belgian waffle might make closer to 1 or 2.
5) THEY ONLY NEED ABOUT 30 SECONDS. Remove and set aside.
6) In another bowl, make the chocolate mousse by mixing cocoa, plain greek yogurt, and sweetener of choice (I used stevia).
7) Layer the waffles with coconut whipped cream and chocolate “mousse”, and top with Sugar Free chocolate syrup!

Healthy eating is more fun than it seems; treat yourself to a Boston Cream!

Mikaila 🙂


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