What Spending Time In Nature Does To Your Body


In the winter, I find I get a little bit tooooo comfortable with staying indoors! (You know it’s bad when you look down at your fitness tracker at 6pm and aside from scheduled physical activity, your step count is <1000) Aside from moving more throughout the day (one of my priorities this coming week!), getting into nature can have some serious benefits!

1) We don’t dwell on negatives. When was the last time you went to a mountain, beach, or forest and felt truly grouchy? When we are in nature, our muscle tension decreases, we relax, and are able to make rational decisions rather than allowing emotion to get in the way.


Do you have anywhere outside close to your home or work that you could schedule into your day seamlessly to spend a few extra minutes in the sun? This summer, I often used my lunch hour to go for a walk or read outside by the lake. And HOLY, did my mood for the rest of the day improve! Better decision making, greater focus for the afternoon, and general good vibes were some of the positive effects I experienced!

2) Studies have actually shown that after spending time in nature for 3 days, creativity peaks. If you’re in a rut or not sure what your next move should be, try taking it outside! It’s freeing to have such a clear mind. I’m not a fan of long runs on the treadmill (AT ALL LOL), but running through a forest or down a beach can result in some good realizations 🙂


This summer, I spent 2 weeks in Newfoundland hiking with my family and woke up early to run by the ocean. I cannot express how valuable this time alone in nature was in terms of clearing the mind, and having ideas flood your mind which you may not otherwise have thought of. Not sure why- maybe it’s all of the fresh oxygen to the brain- but if I’m ever in a state of “foggy brain”, nature is my go-to remedy. Nature and perhaps salmon. I swear by that brain food- but more on that another time!

3) Stress hormone production decreases (High levels of cortisol can cause us to hold on to fat and can really hinder our fat loss efforts).

My body actually experienced this re-composition due to decreased stress and an increased TDEE during last summer’s hiking trip. If you’re interested in the results, there’a a YouTube video doing a before/after body composition comparison!

4) Your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) increases – this means greater calories burned – from walking, exploring, and partaking in more physical activity than you may if you were indoors at a desk.

Bundle up and soak in the good vibes that nature has to offer! Have a great weekend, my friends!

Mikaila 🙂

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