Happy Sunday, everyone!

The other day, my family was watching old videos, and came across one of my mom and I doing a cooking show with little aprons. It looked like so much fun, that I decided to make a YouTube video for a highly requested recipe from my Instagram (@myfitmik). With endless flavour combinations, it’s my bedtime meal every night!

Whey powder is a lean protein and is also perfect post workout when you need a fast digesting source to fuel your muscles immediately. I like to pair it with a faster digesting carb – usually cereal or a toaster waffle!

Whey is also rich in Tryptophan, a hormone which allows for quality sleep- It makes an awesome bedtime snack, especially when drizzled with natural peanut butter, another source of Tryptophan.

Here’s the link! I hope you enjoy and have a productive yet relaxing Sunday 🙂

Protein Soft Serve Ice Cream Tutorial


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