The Ultimate Charcuterie Board Nutrition Guide

With lean protein-rich deli meats, heart-healthy fats from raw nuts, and some side veggies for greenery, a charcuterie board can be an amazing option for fitness aficionado … if you know how to navigate your choices!

Having fun socially and making memories is a beautiful part of life, and a sharing a charcuterie board is nothing short of an experience. However, it is important that you’re mindful of your eating if you want to stay on track. A strategy which you could to mediate your food intake in social situations is the use of partitioning.

I’ll link an interesting scientific article about partitioning here:

Basically, partitioning is separating resources. For example:
Partitioned: Wrapped chocolates
Unpartitioned: Unwrapped chocolates

Partitioned foods lead to more effort in consumption- the time taken to unwrap the chocolate, in this example, leads to greater amount of mindfulness of your eating. If you struggle with “mindless” eating, or find yourself consuming more than you intended, this article might have some insight! In summary, time and effort put into a decision are correlated to how many resources are consumed.

And now you’re probably wondering, “Ok Mikaila, what does this even mean and why is it relevant??”

In a charcuterie situation, it can be easy to over-eat. Your mind is more likely to be filled with good vibes from catching up with friends or family rather than an awareness of how much you’re eating. Based on the findings in this article, taking a few pieces off the board, putting them on a separate napkin or plate, and then eating them might help to regulate how much you consume rather than eating off the board directly. Adding that extra step increases the effort needed to make a decision about eating more, and may encourage you to think about whether you’re actually hungry and listening to your body’s cues.

And now, let’s dive into the nutritional break-down of the components of a charcuterie board and how to navigate the best choices! We’ll use 100g as a constant so that you can compare 🙂


Per 100g:
• Mozarella: 280 kcal • 11g Fat | 3.1g Carbs | 28g Protein
• Cheddar: 402 kcal • 33g Fat | 1.3g Carbs | 25g Protein
• Gouda: 356 kcal • 27g Fat | 2.2g Carbs | 25g Protein
• Brie: 334 kcal • 28g Fat | 0.5g Carbs | 21g Protein
• Blue: 353 kcal • 29g Fat | 2.3g Carbs | 21g Protein
• Provolone: 352 kcal • 27g Fat | 2.1g Carbs | 26g Protein
• Havarti: 371 kcal • 30g Fat | 3.0g Carbs | 23g Protein

Per 100g:
• Prosciutto: 195 kcal • 8g Fat | 0.3g Carbs | 28g Protein
• Ham: 145 kcal • 6g Fat | 1.5g Carbs | 21g Protein
• Salami: 250 kcal • 20g Fat | 2.5g Carbs | 14g Protein
• Pepperoni: 494 kcal • 44g Fat | 0g Carbs | 23g Protein
My go-to options:
• Smoked Salmon: 117 kcal • 4g Fat | 0g Carbs | 18g Protein
• Deli Turkey: 104 kcal • 2g Fat | 4g Carbs | 17g Protein

Per 100g:
• Almonds: 576 kcal • 49g Fat | 22g Carbs | 28g Protein
• Walnuts: 654 kcal • 65g Fat | 14g Carbs | 28g Protein
• Pecans: 690 kcal • 72g Fat | 14g Carbs | 28g Protein
My go-to options:
• Cashews: 553 kcal • 44g Fat | 30g Carbs | 28g Protein
• Pistachios: 562 kcal • 45g Fat | 28g Carbs | 28g Protein


Per 100g:
• Olives: 115 kcal • 11g Fat | 6g Carbs | 0.8g Protein
• Artichokes: 47 kcal • 0.2g Fat | 10.5g Carbs | 3.3g Protein
• Sun-dried Tomatoes: 213 kcal • 14g Fat | 23g Carbs | 5g Protein
My go-to option:
• Pickles: 11 kcal • 0.2g Fat | 2.3g Carbs | 0.3g Protein

While these are super tasty, keep in mind that dried fruits (such as apricots) still contain the same amount of sugar as the entire regular (non-dried) fruit, so they can add up quickly in calories.
Per 100g:
• Dried Apricots: 241 kcal • 0.5g Fat | 63g Carbs | 3.4g Protein
• Banana Chips: 519 kcal • 34g Fat | 58g Carbs | 2.3g Protein
• Raisins: 299 kcal • 0.5g Fat | 79g Carbs | 3.1g Protein

Whatever you’re doing tonight, have fun! A charcuterie board is packed with great choices in moderation. Hopefully this guide gives you an idea of how to navigate it while reaching your fitness goals!

Keep rocking on,

Mikaila 🙂

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