5 Minute Pho

Skip the take-out! While they’re a speedy option, traditional fast foods are often loaded with MSG, excessive oils, and salt. Whip up this pho in the same amount of time as a drive-through and get ready to feel good!

5 Minute Pho

    🌱2 cups beef broth
    🌱1 tsp fish sauce (look for one with minimal additives)
    🌱basil, salt, onion powder, thinly peeled ginger, and sliced green onions
    🌱handful enoki mushrooms
    🌱1 zucchini, spiralized or cut into ribbons using a potato peeler
    🌱cooked lean protein source of choice (I’ve done this with shrimp, chicken, and beef)

    1) Simmer the broth over low heat. Add fish sauce, basil, salt, onion powder, thinly peeled ginger, and green onions. If you want a clear broth, you can pour this through a sieve before the next step.
    2) Add enoki mushrooms, allow to tenderize; about 30 seconds.
    3) Add a cooked protein of your choice and stir to heat for ~1 minute.
    4) Pour into a serving bowl and add spirallized zucchini immediately before serving so that they hold their shape (These are high in water content already, so no need to boil them!).
    5) Garnish with lime juice and Sriracha if you’re feeling it!

    Mikaila 🙂

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