Best Self Sunday: 10 Life Teachings of 2017

Since 2013, I’ve been spending December 31st writing out every event of significance which took place during that year. Whether it be a realization, a shift in mindset, or a moment which cannot possibly be put into words- onto the paper it goes!

Looking back at these over time can give you an incredible snapshot into what brought you happiness at that point in your life, and as the year ends, can serve as an excellent reminder of the foundations which you built to support your goals in the coming 12 months.

Here’s a look at 10 Things I learned in 2017.

1) Acting and speaking with planned intentions will drive you towards your goals and prime you for success.

Start by building a morning routine which hypes you up so much that you leap right out of bed in the morning. (More on building a morning routine to come!)

Have a plan for your day. What will bring you towards your goals? What thoughts? Words? Actions? People? Try to be conscious of these – without a focused plan, you risk running through your day feeling busy but unproductive, falling into bed thinking of all there is left to do. Been there.. It. Is. Exhausting. And easily avoidable by prioritizing and planning.

2) Journalling forces you to objectively look at your life, gain self awareness, and increase confidence in your purpose and beliefs.

A friend of mine noted that journalling over time is “your brain on paper”. It couldn’t be more true! Structured journalling allows you to look back and gauge patterns, cognitive pathways of thinking, and witness a broadening perspective over time.

I’m excited to be posting weekly “Best Self Sunday” journalling prompts to help us challenge our thinking and begin to adopt that mindset geared towards goal attainment!

3) It’s okay for your passions to change.

If something no longer brings you insane amounts of excitement, it is okay to let it go. Will it bring you closer to your personal vision for yourself? (We’ll get into this in an upcoming Best Self Sunday post) Does it contribute to feelings of purpose and happiness? Life is always evolving, as are we, so invest your energy into feeling alive. Give up what no longer adds value, but realize that it wasn’t a waste of time- you learn something from every experience!

4) Who you surround yourself with is HUGE.

Cognitive pathways become stronger and habitual by using them often. Select people to surround yourself with who strengthen positive mindset pathways by encouraging you to think, speak, and act like your best self would.

Make a list of individuals in your life who you feel lift you up. What can you learn from them? What attributes do they possess which you admire?

5) How you speak to yourself is also huge.

Thoughts lead to actions and words… Which lead to opportunities and new experiences… Which form your reality. Fill your mind with positivity around the people you engage with, the work you do, etc. and it’ll give you a fantastically happy reality.

6) Read more.

Books are treasure. If you think about it, the pages in books are filled with what was likely YEARS of learning. And you have access to it all! And can learn it within a matter of hours! Now that is amazing.

For unleashing your Best Self: You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero
For tapping into your inner Entrepreneur: Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business, and Score the Life You Want by Daniel DiPiazza
For recognizing happiness: The Four Agreements by Don Jose Ruiz, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Janet Mills

7) Intrinsic motivation trumps extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation is driven by love for the work, a purpose, or a “why”. Extrinsic motivation is driven by external rewards, such as a salary or compensation for your work.

At the root of intrinsic motivation is fulfilment of a deeper purpose, often resulting in happiness. By engaging in activities which you are intrinsically motivated by (you understand your “why”; your reason why this is important to you), results are optimal. You’re more likely to put in effort, time, and passion, yielding a substantially more favourable outcome than if you were to be compensated for your efforts regardless.

8) Attempting to please everyone is futile.

Everyone’s realities are different; formed by their experiences.
Each individual on this earth has a unique story and views their version of the world through a completely different lens, meaning that their perception of YOU is based off of the experiences which they’ve gathered during their journey. With so many different background stories, definitions of happiness, and learned beliefs, it’s going to be tricky to attempt to please everyone.

Place your focus on maintaining your core values, live a life which brings you happiness, and be kind to all those you meet.

9) Being willing to learn from others does not make you unintelligent; rather, it opens up a world of opportunity by priming your mind for growth and acceptance of a broader reality.

All those different experiences from the last point result in a lot of knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask, listen, and care. Challenging yourself by being aware of different perspectives can open up doors you never knew existed.

10) Life’s lessons equip you with the knowledge, courage, and experience you need for victory.

Life is the greatest teacher. View obstacles as opportunities. Finally, be confident in knowing that you are exactly where you need to be right now.

Tonight, we ring in the new year, and with it, a 31 Day Kindness Challenge- The excitement is real! Let’s be friends on Instagram and get our kindness on together 🙂


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